Opening the door to people with disabilities ...

What You can do?

Great success has been enjoyed by Gabriel Homes in its short history, but it is aware that it is currently able to assist only a small fraction of our community's intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

Contact our offices at 703-476-1592 to speak with us about our veteran's outreach services.

Since we place no limit on how long a resident can live at Gabriel Homes, openings occur infrequently. This means our waiting list is long and grows each year.

To improve this situation, Gabriel Homes must increase its capacity and must serve more of these deserving adults.

Gabriel Homes changes the lives of residents for the better. It also enriches our community by adding productive citizens to local payrolls, reducing the workload and costs of public institutions, and providing a shining example of human courage.

By lending your support to Gabriel Homes, you are making an important community investment.