"Community-based programs such as Gabriel Homes benefit everyone. They save residents from loneliness and over-dependence on others, and they save taxpayers the costs of institutional facilities."

  --- Joseph Gartland, Virginia State Senator

"Congratulations to Gabriel Homes for enabling residents to grow as individuals and live productive, satisfying lives. They deserve the support of all caring citizens." 

   --- Mrs. Ethel Kennedy, Former Honorary Board Member

"My husband and I are overjoyed when we visit our son. He is happy and has made tremendous progress. He is now his own person and proud of it."

   --- A Gabriel Homes parent

"My counselors are nice but some are also very strict. I think they are trying to help me learn skills to someday help me move to an apartment. And, do you know that I am doing very well?"

   --- Michael Gordon, Gabriel Homes former resident, who moved on to an independent apartment

"I believe all who face difficult developmental challenges have the right to every opportunity to break down the barriers to their fuller participation in church, society and the work-place. Gabriel Homes everyday grows in its capacity to turn that right into a reality."

   --- Rev. Gerry Creedon, Gabriel Homes founder

Opening the door to people with disabilities ...